Friday, April 9, 2010

The Stuart House Recordings

Iron Dragon's Debut Film: The Stuart House Recordings is planned for release Fall 2011.

We at Iron Dragon Films are pleased to be contracted by Paranormal Searchers to edit the footage from the Stuart House investigation.

We will be using the recovered footage. We understand there is some ongoing litigation, that needs to be settled. The movie editing will be directed by Lancelot Jean Mallia and Kevin Bingham. The documentary pieced together from recoved footage. The film is being produced by the Iron Dragon Films production company. The film documents a ghost hunting team who in 2009 were investigating a haunting, Stuart House, located in Lousiana.

The original documentary crew followed the investigations of the team fliming. We were informed by Paranormal Searchers that there were some problems during the filming and hence contracting us to complete the production.

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